Preparing Your RV For Camping

You’ve booked your RV rental or purchased your first motorhome, but have no idea how to outfit it for the perfect vacation. You’re in luck, because this list of essential RV camping items will help you get on the road fast!

Keeping Things Safe and Comfortable

Love to travel, but have trouble adjusting to the road? Why not take along some of the things that make your RV more like your home away from home.

  • Battery- powered alarm clock , we like to sleep in, but an alarm clock can keep busy families on schedule!
  • Comfy, durable bedding – check local RV stores for sheets that fit odd- sized RV beds, or use your sewing skills to create your own custom bedding. Don’t forget pillows!
  • Comforters or quilts for cool mountain nights.
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Biodegradable toilet paper
  • Net bag or reusable shopping bags for laundry
  • First Aid kit
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Green cleaning supplies and washable rags for cleaning
  • Toiletries in refillable containers – Fill and store for the next trip!
  • Glasses or contacts and supplies
  • Medication and prescriptions
  • Cash and credit/debit cards
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes (remember swimsuits!)
  • Flip flops for showers and beaches
  • Reusable shopping bags for groceries, recyclables
  • Lawn chairs for campfire comfort

Personal Items Worth Packing

The point of having downtime is to relax and enjoy it! Remember to pack these things if they’re important to your peace of mind.

  • CDs, mp3 player or tapes
  • Cell phone and calling cards
  • Laptop computer/wireless card
  • Connector cable for cable television
  • Camera and batteries, film if shooting 35mm photos, download cable for digital

Keeping the Trip on Track

There’s nothing worse than driving on a dark two- lane, trying to find the campground. Here are some tips for items that will keep your trip on track. We suggest packing the following items in resealable, waterproof bags in an easily- secured area of your vehicle.

  • MAPS! Print from Internet sites or purchase a set for the RV
  • Campground reservation receipts and directions
  • Vehicle and health insurance information, vehicle registration.
  • Emergency contact information in case of accident or illness, list of known allergies

Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

We’d all like our vacations to be trouble- free, but vehicle breakdowns occasionally occur. Why not keep the disruption to a minimum by being prepared?

  • Roadside assistance identification and contact info
  • Good flashlight with built- in strobe and ex-batters!!
  • Toolbox with basic home and auto maintenance tools
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • A compact set of jumper cables

RV Essentials

  • Waste water and fresh water hoses
  • Rubber gloves for handling waste water hoses
  • Bacterial additive for waste water tanks (no toxic chemicals, please!)
  • A LARGE roll of duct tape! (you’ll be amazed what it can do in a pinch!)
  • Heavy- duty extension cords (at least 25′ long)
  • Wheel blocks and trailer levelers

Kitchen Cupboard Packing

Packing an RV kitchen is as an art! The trick is to plan meals ahead and buy food items that can be used for more than one meal. Get creative and think of one- pan delicacies, you’ll save dishwater and spend less time in the kitchen!

  • Favorite spices and condiments in labeled, refillable containers
  • Basic kitchen tools – can opener, stirring and serving utensils, spatulas, coffee scoop, knives and cutting board
  • Paper goods – aluminum foil, paper towels, trash bags
  • Dishtowels
  • Plastic, washable tablecloth for picnic tables
  • Laundry and dishwashing detergent in refillable containers
  • Plastic tubs with lids for dirty dishes, kitchen tools
  • Unbreakable dishes, inexpensive silverware (saves on trash generated!)
  • Plastic food storage containers
  • Food and drink items from your menus, packed to minimize breakage from shifting
  • Snack items in tubs
  • Small set of pots and pans, a skillet, a saucepan, a large pan for chili, and a pasta strainer
  • Coffeemaker, tea bags, coffee, creamer, sweetener

This seems like a long list, doesn’t it? Remember, though, once you’ve collected these items the first time, they can be packed, stored and labeled for the next trip. Once you’ve fine- tuned a bit, you’re going to know just what you need for carefree RV camping. So don’t just sit there- start packing!